Thursday, April 15, 2010

What if...the committee answered your most FAQ's

What is SIA and who organizes the event?

In 2007 a group of women passionate about the scrapbooking industry came together to organize a trade event for scrapbooking retailers in Australia. The founding group included Sally Wilson (Delish Designs), Melinda Melgar (Blueyed Dezines), Rebecca Erickson, Joan De La Hunty (both Rebecca Erickson Designs), Cheryl Durey (Aussie Scrap Source) and Joanna Baxter (BELLA!). Their vision was to create a show that would allow manufacturers and designers to come together once a year to showcase new products and designs, create a forum for industry participants to interact and share knowledge and to re-inspire and re-energise the industry on a yearly basis. The model for this was CHA in the USA which they had all attended and loved.

Why should we pay a fee to come to SIA?

The origins of SIA began as it became less and less affordable for manufacturers and designers to exhibit at other shows where the organizer’s main concern was profit for the company that was promoting the show. The philosophy of the SIA Committee is to make enough money to cover costs for a premium event that covers food, education and an exceptional experience for all. SIA has no major sponsors and the Committee believes the costs of creating an event for retailers and suppliers should be shared by the industry as a whole as it is in the USA. Smaller companies and designers (often fabulous innovators in this industry) can then afford to exhibit and introduce new products and ranges to the industry alongside larger companies and SIA can use funds to bring out overseas guests or assist local teachers where appropriate to educate and network with Australian retailers. There is an equity in the way the costs of the event are shared across industry participants for the good of all. Fees are allocated to services provided by the Show and include: administration regarding registration and event management, exposition hire, venue hire, banking fees, legal and accounting costs, first aid and security at the event, insurance, accommodation and airfare assistance for overseas guests where and if possible, catering for all attendees for two days and prizes and trophies.

Why is there a crop night this year instead of a dinner?

We have had some negative feedback in previous years about the dinner in relation to the affordability of it for some stores. Last year a number of store owners did not attend this event. The Committee has taken those comments on board and is mixing it up this year with an event that involves no extra cost to the retailer so that anyone who wants to attend this event can. We will run the crop night this year and seek your feedback after the Show so we can decide what to plan for next year.

What if I want to know more about the classes on offer?

Every year SIA tries to get as much info about the classes as possible prior to sending out the class registration form. This year we did not have enough exhibitors class descriptions in by the deadline so we listed the class names only. We encourage you to visit supplier blogs and websites and email your respective suppliers with any queries you might have about their classes. Descriptions have also now been noted on this blog also – see below.

What happens to funds left over after the Show?

Any funds that are remaining after all expenses are paid are reserved for the next event. The funds are spent only for the benefit of the next SIA Trade Show and no person profits from any funds that are left over. All (wo)man hours spent organizing the Show and travelling to meetings are voluntary and we greatly appreciate the great band of volunteers that work with us every year to get the event up and running. Of note this year are three Sydney retailers who have been very active in providing the Committee with their thoughts on how to provide a better event this year: Julie Hale (Fantasia), Sue Milne (Scraploot) and Anne-Marie Rayner (Memories that Last). If you wish to volunteer your services for next year’s event please contact us – we would love to welcome you on board.

How can I give the Committee some feedback about this year’s Show?

A survey will be handed out with your registration pack this year. We would greatly appreciate your feedback about this year’s Show and a box will be on the registration desk for completed forms. The completed surveys can be anonymous or not – we would love to hear from you regardless.

We are looking forward to a great Show this year and can’t wait to see you all there – let us know if we can assist with any further enquiries and get your registration forms in quickly as class numbers are limited and we’d hate you to miss out.

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