Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spotlight on...Melissa Kennedy

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play. ~Arnold ToynbeeIm

I often get the giggles when people ask me what I do for a job. Cut and Paste I say. Thankfully I graduated from kindergarten because I have been one of the fortunate ones who has turned this hobby of scrapbooking into a living, a way of life. Living in Geelong with hubby, David and my three little girls, like many of you, have a love of photography and started scrapbooking to record all those moments I want to remember forever. After dabbling in many different crafts, this one stuck as you can incorporate so many of them into Scrapbooking with all the various techniques/. Whilst published in a number of scrapbooking magazines, a past SM Master and teaching at our LSS, my proudest achievement is starting the Crop for a Cause workshops where we have loads of fun but help out someone in need at the same time.

Working with Kaisercraft for over 5 years, currently as their Creative Director, has extended to me many exciting opportunities and been able travel both throughout Australia and overseas teaching and taking workshops. A highlight of last year was teaching at the South African International Conference and on an Australian Scrapbook Cruise.

One of my favourite things about this industry is the wonderful people you get to meet and the friendships that have been formed. I'm privileged to be teaching a class this year at SIA and look forward to the fun we will have. Come and meet the team at the Kaiser stand and let us show you what exciting things we have coming up in the next few months.

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