Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spotlight on...Marianne Walker

Marianne Walker is an artist turned crafter. She has been drawing her

whole life, and has been playing with scraps of paper as long as she

can remember. Marianne began stamping in middle school and moved away

from it, but in the last few years has returned to putting rubber to

paper. Colouring was not her favorite part of art, rather, drawing was

what she spent her hours working on. In art school Marianne found

Copic markers and instantly fell in love. Now coloring is her passion.

Marianne was first published at age 17 when she illustrated and did

graphic design on a series of books teaching kids safety. Since then

she has illustrated and worked on a number of publications including

training developing nations how to purify water, teaching kids how to

read, and most recently, training manuals for using Copic Markers. You

can follow her marker tutorials on her blog www.ilikemarkers.blogspot.com

Marianne is currently the product specialist for Copic Markers in the

United States (www.copicmarker.com) and Senior Artist for the stamp

company Our Craft Lounge (www.ourcraftlounge.com) as well as the

annual designer for the Oregon Asian Celebration (www.aaforegon.com/asiancelebration).

Marianne's specialty is graphic design and illustration. This year

she will have worked 10 years for Copic in the U.S. as

their product specialist and graphic designer. She established the

worldwide Copic Papercrafting Certification program, which to date has

trained over 1,600 crafters. She teaches community workshops on

everything from Comic Drawing to Photoshop, and most recently,

Papercrafting. Marianne has a degree in Multimedia Design from the

University of Oregon and is a happily married mother of two kids.

Marianne will be demoing at the X-Press Graph-X / Copic booth at SIA this year.

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